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What you need to know about Online physiotherapy:

  • Although no hands-on treatment is possible in an online physio session, for many conditions this is fine, because hands-on therapy isn’t always essential.
  • However, some injuries do need hands-on treatment. I will always tell you at the Initial Consultation if Online treatment is unsuitable for you I will signpost you to the appropriate medical professional.
  • Online Follow-up sessions (30 minutes) are shorter than In Clinic sessions, because there is no hands-on treatment.
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Benefits of Online physiotherapy



No travelling to the Physio’s clinic.


You can receive a consultation wherever in the world you are!


If you need treatment when you are on holiday or travelling with work.


Online physiotherapy can lead to more rapid recovery, because it avoids the temptation to over-rely on hands-on treatment.

Online Physiotherapy Options

45-minute Initial Consultation – £45

30-minute Follow-up Sessions – £35


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Full Motion Online Physio – What To Expect:


Your Story

Using video call, we start by establishing what the injury is and detailed history


The Examination

A step-by-step series of tests and questions to determine which structure is injured


Diagnose, Treat & Repeat

I’ll explain your condition, treatment plan and injury-prevention guidance

At Follow-up sessions, review progress and adjust treatment to assist your recovery

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Treatment details and prices:

Online Physio: Initial Consultation


A 45-minute online physiotherapy consultation
A diagnosis of your injury
Unlimited online email support
A tailored treatment program + videos of exercises
Medical referral letters available on request

Online Physio: Follow Up Consultation


A 30-minute online physiotherapy consultation
Injury follow up and progress check
Updated treatment plan and progression of exercises
Unlimited online physio email support
Medical referral letters available on request

In Clinic physio treatment can also be combined with Online Physio sessions. Click on box for details:

Combined In Clinic + Online

Any combination of In Clinic and Online treatment sessions to suit your needs

You can start In Clinic and then go to Online treatment, or the other way around

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Still unsure?

Sometimes, it helps to talk!


Rapid response consultation*

  • 15 minute video session
  • To help you decide which treatment is best for you (and to enable you to check me out!)
  • It is also ideal if you are worried about your condition and need some initial advice

– These 15 minute consultations cannot provide a full diagnosis, but they can be useful in helping you decide what treatment to go for.

– I will signpost the appropriate medical advice if physiotherapy isn’t appropriate.

– You may be worried about your injury and want some reassurance and advice.

– You may simply want to chat to me before deciding whether I am the right physiotherapist for you.

Want to learn more about your condition?

Questions & Answers

How do you carry out a diagnosis online?

Diagnosis online is as rigorous as it is In Clinic, but it normally takes longer online because I will need to lead you through the process:

  • We go through a thorough physio-guided questioning process. You will have time to explain your injury in detail. What you felt at the time, did you hear a pop?
  • I will then guide you through a series of physical tests to assess you. Using this information, I connect the dots and diagnose the injury.
  • We then work in partnership, to help build a recovery program suited to your lifestyle and available equipment, to get you back functioning pain-free.

How do we replace the hands-on treatment?

Hands-on treatment are just ONE of the tools in a physio’s skill set. It can be effective for many conditions but is certainly not the be-all and end-all. Below are examples of how online physio can benefit you.

  • As your online physio, I will advise you on self-treatment techniques which include self-massage, stretches and exercises.
  • Targeted home exercise programs have been consistently backed up in medical literature. Detailed research (by Smidt et al 2005), found home exercise programs to be highly beneficial for the treatment of a wide range of injuries including low back pain.
  • Increased awareness. My role is to help you understand your injury, why it happened and equip you with the tools to independently manage your condition.

Can’t I just use the internet to determine my own treatment? Or use an online “Symptom Checker”?

  • “Symptom Checkers” have been found to be terribly misleading and inaccurate.
  • Your recovery needs to start with an accurate diagnosis, using a qualified and experienced physio.
  • Your online physio may refer you to an exercise available online, but only after he or she has verified that the video information is trustworthy

If I need an X-ray, can you help?

Yes, I can write a medical referral letter to your doctor for any other treatment you need, including X-rays.