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What you need to know about In Clinic physiotherapy:

The most obvious difference between treatment In Clinic and Online is that you can receive hands-on therapy in the clinic. The only point to be aware of is to avoid the temptation to over-rely on hands-on treatment. Equally important is the home exercise program that I will give to you.

Physiotherapy Manchester
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Benefits of Full Motion Physio in Manchester:



Treatment times are 45 minutes, versus 30 minutes at most clinics. So, time to treat you properly, without rushing.



My sessions allow 90% more time for hands-on treatment than a 30-minute session.
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Client Satisfaction

Independent research shows that the key aspects of the Full Motion Physio Method deliver higher patient satisfaction.

Manchester Clinic Physiotherapy

45-minute initial consultation – £50
45-minute follow-up sessions – £50

One hour sessions £65

Block Booking 5 x 1-hour Sessions – £275

Home visits starting from £80 for one hour


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Full Motion Physio, Manchester Clinic - What To Expect:


Your Story

We start by establishing what the injury is and detailed history.


The Examination

A step-by-step series of test and questions to determine which structure is injured


Diagnose, Treat & Repeat

I’ll explain your condition, treatment plan and injury-prevention guidance

Hands-on therapy and exercise demonstration

At Follow-up sessions, review progress and adjust treatment to assist your recovery

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Treatment details and prices:

Manchester Clinic: 45 minute Consultation


A 45-minute physiotherapy consultation
A diagnosis of your injury
Hands-on treatment
A tailored treatment program
Medical referral letters available on request

Manchester Clinic: 60 minute Consultation


A 60-minute physiotherapy consultation
Useful for complex cases
Allows for a detailed assessment of your injury
Injury follow up and progress check
Hands-on treatment
Updated treatment plan and progression of exercises
Medical referral letters available on request

In Clinic physio treatment can also be combined with Online Physio sessions. Click on box for details:

Combined In Clinic + Online

Any combination of In Clinic and Online treatment sessions to suit your needs

You can start In Clinic and then go to Online treatment, or the other way around

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Still unsure?

Sometimes, it helps to talk!


Rapid response consultation*

  • 15 minute video session
  • To help you decide which treatment is best for you (and to enable you to check me out!)
  • It is also ideal if you are worried about your condition and need some initial advice

– These 15 minute consultations cannot provide a full diagnosis, but they can be useful in helping you decide what treatment to go for.

– I will signpost the appropriate medical advice if physiotherapy isn’t appropriate.

– You may be worried about your injury and want some reassurance and advice.

– You may simply want to chat to me before deciding whether I am the right physiotherapist for you.

Want to learn more about your condition?

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How to find the Full Motion Manchester physio clinic:

Full Motion Physio

Milton House
244 Deansgate
M3 4BQ

Call us today

0161 241 2384


The Full Motion Manchester physiotherapy clinic is located on Deansgate in the city centre. Milton House is located between Sainsbury’s and Hobbs Reprographics, on the right-hand side of Deansgate as you head away from town.

  • CAR: There are numerous nearby car parks. The nearest street parking is on St John Street, a two-minute walk away from the clinic (parking meter).
  • TRAIN: Victoria Station, then walk along Deansgate. The clinic is on the right hand side.
  • TRAM: St Peters Square tram stop. Walk down Peters Street turn left at Deansgate. The clinic is on the right-hand side of the road.


There are a few steps at the entrance way. Check in at reception. The building has a lift which take you to the clinic on the third floor (or stairs if you want some exercise!).

Questions & Answers

Physio In Manchester

I want to have an initial consultation In Clinic. But I will be away on business for a number of weeks, so can I then switch to having follow up session online?

Yes, absolutely! This is one of the benefits of my treatment options: you can mix In Clinic and Online treatment however you wish.